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  1. Story 1
  2. Letter H- Happiness
  3. Get Started Now!
  4. Letter F- First Thing First!
  5. Letter D- Delay
  6. Letter E- Everlasting? Really?
  7. Letter C- Change


toXic – Letter X

#toxic #life #stress #overthinking toXic thoughts are more harmful than a real toXin…. a real toXin will kill you instantly […]

Valentine – Letter V

#together #moment Hearing her shout aloud my name is my favourite moment but I don’t like anyone to hear her…. […]

Unleash – Letter U

#U #r #unstoppable #ultimate You get what you want when you Believe in it. You reach where you want to […]

Takeaway – Letter T

#nevergiveup #tothelast #tilltheend Once life asked me “Tell me your greatest strength and I will reward you accordingly”I replied “I […]