Women are complicated being!

Women are complicated! Or are they really? Whispering Heart 🧡

To who so ever who thinks women are difficult to understand- this episode is for you. To the 'complicated women' out there, this episode is dedicated to you! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/whisperingheart/message

To whomsoever who thinks women are difficult to understand and who is concerned about his lady,

Yes you are right. A Woman is complicated but only when you fail to understand what she needs.

A woman feels really good when she looks after her family. Even the kinky pain inflected by her man makes her feel good because her man is happy with it.

She feels really good that her man feels satisfied by her cooperation in such foreplays.

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But a woman needs much more than this good feeling……
She needs caring and respect.

She NEED you to LOVE her. Small gestures of kindness means volumes to her.
A firm hug, a kiss on forehead. Can turn all her blues in brightness.

Want to make your lady feel better when she is feeling low?
Just listen to her how tiring was her day….. and Just console her. Understand that she need to talk about all her stress.
She NEEDS to be heard. Don’t give her advise or don’t dust her anxiety by using words like “oh this is just a small stuff you are fussing over, relax”.

(Understand that for a woman small things matter a lot.)
Just try to console her by saying “I understand that this stuff is important to you. You must be worried about it. But I know You can face it. Be assured that I am with you” A woman just needs you to stand beside her.

She knows how to deal with all problems. If she will need your help she will ask for it. Just remember not every girl is a Damsel in distress…

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Your woman will never forsake you if she feels satisfied with you in both physical and emotional sense.
If you want to understand your lady just understand her needs.
A woman needs to feel satisfied cared and loved.
Most importantly of all. A woman NEEDS respect….
Love her and respect her. And You will soon realise that you can read your lady like an open book.

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