What Should I do Now?

Just do What you are suppose to do

Have you ever wondered what different successful people do so that they become successful?

They just do what a NORMAL person should normally do.

Say for example you are an ambitious person who wants to achieve a LOT in his life.

What steps do you think you should take to make your life a success?

You would think that you should work hard, study a lot of hours and should exercise daily but in reality we realise that in our life there is always something or the other happening that doesn’t allow us to follow our TO-BECOME-SUCCESFUL routine

What shall we do then? Blame our stars or the people around us?

Well if blaming was any help then I would have suggested that right away.

All I know is that when you are Usually messed up with a lot of work and Pressurized with study and family chores. The strategy of living in the moment is really helpful.

“When you get puzzled as to what should I do now? Just ask yourself what would a man of ordinary prudence should have done?

Simply put yourself in a role of a normal person and do that work. When you finish the work again repeat the same process and yourself the question again. Repeat untill you get a clarity of mind of what exactly you want to do.

For example
Suppose you have exams and you are not in a mood of studies.
You might go to Google and tell it your problem. Then on the search results you may find a lot of ideas for studies but you may still not feel like studying.
Just ask what a NORMAL person would do right now? The answer is to study. Simply sit down and pull yourself hard to study. No EXCUSES ENTERTAINED. After studying say you
are burdened with a lot of work and have a family to look after. How shall you manage your time?

Follow the strategy of living in the moment. Just ask in this present moment what work will a NORMAL person would do NOW look after the family or Work?
Just follow the answer that is driven by your instincts.

You may have a lot of doubts, query and confusion regarding my strategy of doing NORMAL things for becoming successful.

But believe me there is nothing extraordinary that makes you a success. Just do the needful at the right time.

Just do normal things for becoming Extraordinary.

Just be Normal and Balanced.

Do The Hardwork Yourself and The Miracles will happen Themselves.

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