Stressed Up Because of postponement of exams?

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Online Classes throughout the year and then the exam timetable was announced. Then snapped!! The second wave of Coronavirus hits the country very hard.

Disease and Deaths. Sickness and Helplessness is all around. People are suffering. Jobs are lost. Businesses are closed but wait amongst all these miseries we forgot the most innocent people who are suffering…!! The students.

Throughout the year the students struggled with the slow internet and boring online lectures. At the end of the session when exam timetable was out, DAAMM! complete lockdown was announced.

Students find it difficult to deal with exam postponement anxiety and stress, especially in circumstances when they are living in the fear of a deadly virus.

Following are Simple Steps that will help the students to come over their fear of exams

1. Relax

Fear nothing. Relax. It is difficult to comprehend situations when you are filled with anxiety and stress. Relax all your senses and calm your mind to handle your mental distress. Relax don’t panic. Play online games with your friends. Do anything that relaxes you.

2. Plan your Day

Opportunities come in disguise. Although you little kids are locked up in your houses, you can still make a lot much use of your extra time. Schedule your day in such a way that includes exercise, helping parents in the house and ofcourse doing studies. Use this lockdown time to learn a new skill. Give more time to your hobbies.

3. Share your Feelings

If you are getting anxious about your Exams or your parents are creating a pressure on you for studies then share all your feelings with your parents.

Parents are the only people who wants the best for their child. They would never want to hurt you by their actions. They too understand that times are hard and as a child you need emotional strength. Share your feelings with your parents.

If you hesitate in telling them that they are creating undue pressure on you then, take help of your elders or teachers.

It is important to note that until you tell your problems, others cannot help you with their soultions.

Take help of your friends, teachers or relatives. Share your anxiety with them. This will help you feel relieved.

4. Believe

Believe in your efforts. Have complete trust in your preparations. Believe it hat you have really worked hard. Remember God always rewards your efforts.

Wait! haven’t prepared for exams? Then what are you waiting for? This lockdown is an opportunity for you to work hard and prepare for your exams so that you are able to score those inch close, career defining marks.

Have faith in the Divine and have complete trust in Him. Pray daily for your family and loved ones. Pray for people all around. May every body be blessed with good health and Happy times come back.

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