This time Too shall Pass Away

A king asked one of his wise man to write something on the wall that can make a happy man sad and a sad man happy. The wise man scribbled on the wall “This time too, shall pass away”.

This is the beauty of time. No matter how tough time you are passing through, it will soon pass away.

Tough times come, and Go. Happy times too, are transient.

Never dishearten your self in any situation…

For past few days I have been deeply shaken. Relatives of my friends and teachers are dying. My father reported two more deaths in the house of his friends. A lot many people have been lost within few days. Dead bodies are piling and there is a long queue to burry the dead. There is high shortage of woods to cremenate the bodies.

People are dying. Worse there are so many I know who are sick and ill.

My close friend was hospitalized for 11 days. He takes 15 tablets everyday. Financial crunch is faced not only by my family but also by many other people like me.

I pray. I stand strong beacuse When I stand strong my family feel inspired.

Family is a wonderful institution. If any one in the family is standing tall, the others in the house feel safe. This tough time has taught me, that Family is a strong institution, that will stand by you in all your time of difficulties and hardships.

Today, although I am shaken, but I fear nothing because I understand the deepest secret of time. It says, THIS TIME TOO, SHALL PASS AWAY.

Have faith in the Divine. Fear nothing. Happy Times will soon come again. Keep calm and patience. Be the pillar of strength to your family. They feel safe when you act strong.

Fear nothing because THIS TIME TOO SHALL PASS AWAY…


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