We always have time for what we want:- It’s all about PRIORITIES

“I want to do it but I don’t have time for it”

If you are among those who uses this statement often and believe that it is true then you are lying!

Yes, Don’t be shocked. You are lying to the whole world and most importantly you are lying to yourself.

Honestly I am very busy

Haha good try to fool yourself. But now understand this;- Time is less about those 24 hours in a day. It is more about every second the way WE WANT to spend. It’s always your choice to choose those things that looks important to you but don’t make you feel happy. And it’s is your choice to choose things that might look difficult and foolish initially but in later stage will yield stupendous results to you.

Is is YOU who will decide how you want your time to be spend. It is you who define your priorities. Once you are in a habit to set clear priorities for you i.e. once you are in a habit to respect your priorities then believe me people around you, will start respecting your priorities.

When you respect your time

When you set clear cut priorities

When you start saying NO to less important work and people

And focus on more important work and people then the results that you will get will spellbound everyone.

People will start idealising you and they will begin to respect your NOs.

The day when your NOs are respected is the day when you will realise that there is always time for what we want:- it’s all about PRIORITIES.


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