Poor or Rich?

I realised something …

You can be rich but may be poor in many senses.

Here is a brief list..

1. Rich but does not have a true trustworthy friend to share your thoughts, feeling and emotions

2. Rich but no loving family. Parents might be fighting, parents can be too materialistic… So materialistic that they may even overlook their own child

3. Rich but not wise to digest that richness

5. Rich but devoid of a kind heart, that fails to understand the bliss of charity

7. Rich but devoid of character that brings grave shame to humanity

4. Rich but does not have someone loving for whom you may give up all your money

6. Rich but doens’t even thank God for his blessings

Lastly you may be very rich, I really mean very very RICH, but if you don’t have hope, happiness, passion, love and trust inside you then you are the poorest person on the Earth

Now ask yourself are you poor or are you rich in true sense

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