The Seminar with Father Ashley:- (Part-1) It is Okay to have sexual imaginations

I was wondering what shall I write. And while wondering I remembered one of the most important seminars of my life.

Let me share it with you that how an ordinary school seminar became the most important lesson of my life.

I was in class 12th studying in a one of the most prestigious convent school of the city. One day we were called for a seminar in the newly constructed auditorium of the school. I thought it was going to be one of those motivational speakers, or those advising us how to appear in exams. But that day we were prepared for the most important exam… THE EXAM OF LIFE.

Draped in black robes and heavy boots were Father Ashley. I don’t remember much who he was or from where did he come but what I remembered that he taught the most important lessons a teenage of my age could get.

He busted a few teenage myths in his speech. Since the seminar was long and had many detailed discussion I will be posting it in different parts. Here goes the first part…

Father Ashley started by his first sentence..

In a girls school popular for its morality and decency we were struck of the words he has just uttered. Especially with the confidence he spoke even after being a religious preacher.

In calm tone, he then explained gently and told that 99% of teenage of our age group that is from 10th to 2nd year of college tend to have some sort of sexual imagination and it is very normal to have imaginations.

It is a taboo in our society that we hesitate to discuss such topics and often fall prone to bad company and become victims on the internet. You must not think that you are “bad girl/bad boy” because you have such dirty thoughts.

The most important thing is to accept that these thoughts are normal. You should not over think or worry yourself about such thoughts. It is your age to have such thoughts. These thoughts have come with age and go with age. You must never get worried and doubt your character. You should always remain focused in your life. And never let these thoughts deviate you from your studies and you must always remain focus on the goal of your life.

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  1. Sexual Imagination is a part and parcel of life. Considering it a taboo has given rise to a lot of issues that we face on a regular basis.
    Very well written, great to read such a blog from someone who is from Jodhpur too!!

    Liked by 1 person

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