Life is Filled With Wonders; If you have the vision to see it.

Life is filled with beauty only if you manage to see through the cloudy thoughts in your head blocking your vision.

The very idea that my own mind has the potential to turn the ordinary to extraordinary thrills me from core.

Recently I have started to observe the beauty in ordinary things around me which I had often overlooked because of the hectic schedule that I had became used to for a while. I started to feel the bliss by this small activity.

When you start enjoying the beauty even in the ordinary things around yourself you see that your life is a blessing.

Observing the beauty around me benefitted me in many ways

  1. I started to worry less about the atrocities around me
  2. I started to smile more
  3. I felt energetic
  4. I started praising to God more for all His bountiful blessings
  5. My focus and concentration enhanced

In short the small practice of praising the beauty in the ordinary things around me has helped me improve physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

In the midst of Fighting my own inner turmoil this small activity has helped me a lot to strengthen my own self.

Highly recommendable to all those who are obsessed with work or are feeling low in their lives.


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