What do you see in the Image?

What do you see?

Q. What do you see?

Ans. A big dizzy maze (probably this would be your answer)

Same goes with our life. When we come across a problem (many a times) we fail to understand what exactly it is.

Not just the image puzzle. If you come across any problem in your life which you are unable to overcome then..

Try this simple mantra:-

Understand a problem you will get it’s solution


Sometimes to understand a problem you need to change your perspective of looking at it.

P.S. Move away your phone screen a bit and you will see a Panda in the image.


  1. Hey..Pragati..SUP!!
    Sissy, I saw a panda after that..ain’t your ideas cool? That’s grand..maybe I’ve got to see as a big picture rather than just my little perspective..thanks to you..hope this reach out to more people.Love.P.

    Liked by 1 person

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