It’s not an Erotic

I read an erotic narrative of a slave getting her slave training. She described everything in utmost detail about how she was tortured and harassed.

She described what all was done to embarrass her but I did not felt a pinch of pity. Because at the end she concluded.

They exploit me and I love the way they do it.

Almost everything that was done to her was painful in my senses but was a sinister pleasure for her.

After reading the story I concluded to myself. It is we who let others dominate us. When we refuse to surrender ourselves no one can enslave us for long.

True pleasure lies getting our souls free from contemptuous desires that lead us on sinister paths.

When we open our minds and realise the divine in ourselves none can rule us unrighteously.

P.S. I feel sex slavery is a heinous crime and all measures should be taken to put an end to this sin. No soul should ever be pushed into the hell were human masked devil exploit the innocent and the feeble.


    1. You are Absolutely correct. I am highly influenced with Bhagvat Gita. Rather than reading it as a holy sacred text I read it as a book of human psychology. In my opinion Gita is a self help guide book that cultivate ones attitude such as to brings the attributes of simplicity~divinity and sophistication~success together in our lives.

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