Parotas are not Rotis

Classification of goods and services and placing them under different slab rates is customary practice of imposing indirect tax. But charging higher taxes on food in times when the economy is gravely suffering from pandemic Covid-19 is unconvincing. Especially when reasons for imposing more tax deals when the method of cooking.

After 3 months of complete breakdown of economy, the lockdown was raised and we encounter double faced policies. On one hand we want more demand from consumers for robust economy and on other hand we are discouraging consumers by imposing higher taxes on them.

Instead of imposing higher taxes, concern must me laid on increasing demand in the economy by providing various incentives. It is then only our survival amidst the pandemic would be possible.

The people and the Government need to learn how to live with the virus. A Virus that has not just ruined human lives but also their livelihood.

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