What would Harry Potter Do in Lockdown?

The most popular wizard of the Hogwarts might simply relax and chill at his home or he might go on for an adventure to save this world from Corona Virus!

Hermione Grainger gave a Video call to Harry and added Ronald Wesley on a conference call. She had a recipe to make a magical potion to cure Corona Patients. But the ingredients were difficult to find.

So Hermione started a twitter campaign and listed the recipe items on Twitter. The tweet was re-twitted several times till wizardly people started replying that they possess the ingredients of the recipe at their home itself!!

Now the question was how to get those ingredients? Because, as we all know, You can’t do magic in front of Muggles!

So Harry Potter called a tech company and send some drones to the people having ingredients of the magical potion recipe. (The expenses of tech company were made to be repaid on EMI. You see it’s a bit costly to send drones to different parts of the world.) The drones picked up the recipe ingredients and everything was delivered to Hermione and ta-dha Medicine of Corona Virus came into being!

But how to send the medicine to people all over the world and to so many people!

Hermione had the answer “Rain”!

But only a wizard who is so powerful and have a pure heart can do such a powerful magic. To create clouds and fill medicinal water in them. And these clouds must rain all over the people suffering from Corona infection.

Harry could do this, of course.! But not all alone. So The trio again had a video call. And for the first time in the history of magic, a spell was to be casted on a video call! First Harry created clouds. White, fluffy and big enough to shower rain all over the globe. Then Hermione filled the medicinal water in them that made turned the colour of the clouds red. But then Ron thought having red rain would frighten the people so he went on and added some chocolate and toffees to the cloud so that no one gets afraid of the red medicine shower and all can have a bath in rain without fear.

The spell was almost casted perfect but then suddenly internet connection was lost! Alas the most powerful wizard forgot to recharge his internet pack!

So after getting the net pack recharge The magic spell was completed. And the medicinal shower saved the world. Just like in any other movie where everything gets in line at the end. But this story rather ended on a happy note for chocolate lovers. Having chocolate rain that could save the world.!

After this the trio even added a story on Facebook and Instagram. Placed it on there whatsapp status. And place some of their pics on Pinterest.

Do have any other idea how Harry Potter would be Having adventure while everyone is locked down in their houses.

If you have more ideas share with me down the comment box below.

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed


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