Top 5 Things to Learn From Thanos!

Thanos is one of the most infamous super villain of the marvel cinematic universe (MCU). There are some character traits that I have noticed we can learn from Thanos. So let’s begin

1. Determined

Determined to achieve what he desires. Thanos teaches us to be determined and to continue working hard till the goal is achieved. Thanos proved his determination by getting all the infinity stones and vanishing half of the population if this universe.

2. Smartly Using Resources

Thanos carefully planned the sequence of finding and getting the infinity stones. He calculated which stones he would get with the existing resources. For example with his army, first he tried to get power stone and then space stone which enabled him to travel anywhere in the universe in no time. Power stone made him immensely powerful so he need not to carry his army everywhere. Moreover next he pursued reality stone to deceive the marvel superheroes. This clearly shows how Thanos used existing resources and planned his endeavours in such a way that he acquired new resources, analysed them and use them smartly in order to get closer to his ambition.

3. Proven Leadership

Thanos is a proven Leader. He manages his army. His disciples take him as God. This shows the level of trust as a leader they have placed in Thanos. Building a trustworthy image in eyes of followers is an important leadership trait. Thanos succeeded in doing so. When your followers trust you, then they can go beyond limits to serve there leader. This was exactly the case with Thanos. His followers would do anything for him. Success is result of team efforts. The disciples of Thanos gave good fight to super heroes and did everything they could do to get their purple master achieve his ambition.

4. Cool Headed

No matter what is the situation. Victory or Lost battles Thanos is cool headed and calm in every situation. Being cool headed, even in odd situation, makes you stronger and improves the quality of decision you take. This is the reason Thanos was difficult to Defeat in battle ground.

5. Success Takes it’s toll

Sacrifice are integral part if you want to succeed in Life. To win something you have to loose something. Thanos teaches that sacrifices are important if you want to achieve something. For achieving his ambition Thanos sacrificed his daughter. If Thanos being a villain could make such a great sacrifice Then We are the protagonist of our own lives A bit of sacrifice on our part is worth for being successful.

Comment down below if you noticed more life lessons that Thanos could teach….

Stay Healthy Stay Safe


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