Time exists only for Alive

What is the difference between a successful and a not so successful person? Have you ever thought about it?….

According to me a man who know the real value of time is the one who is SUCCESSFUL.

Have you ever come across a dead man say

“I am in a hurry I have no time to waste” ..

“Time exists only for Alive and NOT for Dead”

If you don’t respect your time you are as good as a dead Man.

So how did that make me successful?

Before answering it let me introduce you with a term known as “opportunity cost”

Technically it means the loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.

To put it in simple words it means what you would have been doing if you did not engage yourself in the work you are presently doing right now.

If your what I would be doing is more important than what you are doing right now then you are wasting your time.

Once you know how to invest your time you will earn higher returns in your Life in terms of happiness and success.

If you want to excel both in professional and personal life learn the art of identifying the opportunity cost of your work. And prevent yourself from wasting precious time.

Stay Healthy and Stay Blessed


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