Is it wrong to have friends who are much older to you?

Is it fine to be close friends with my teacher who is much older than me?… I feel very close friend to my uncle … Is it correct?

Well if you really feel he/she is your close friend then you are very lucky because only few people can say that they have true friends. And if you feel you have a good friend then you are very lucky. It doesn’t matter what is your friend’s age. Nor it matters what the world will think. …Teacher’s pet …. in worst case People say they must be in relationship ….. But you must be stern enough to respect your friendship and trust your teacher. Then there is no reason for you to worry that your friend is quite old for you.

But at the same time you need to understand why it is odd for having a “much older friend” Actually there are many cases where some people like a teacher might appear good friends to you but in reality they could harm you. Generally there are cases of sexual abuse. And since you are in a very submissive position as compared to your much older friend.. your so called friend may be at a dominating position. He/she might frighten you after abuse and may even continue to abuse you for a long time. Then in that case if would be very difficult for you to handle the situation. If caught in such a situation seek help from parents, friends or your elder to whom you feel close.

I am not saying that you must not trust your older friend or you must think he/she will do something wrong to you. All I am saying is to stay a bit vigilant, aware and alert. So that you can be safe. Avoid meetings in isolated places. Understand the difference between good touch and bad touch. If you feel your older friend is touching your private parts inform this immediately to you parents or people you trust. Remember there is nothing to be ashamed of. If he/she does something wrong to you then he/she deserves punishment. If you feel good after your teacher’s touch.. for example a warm hug then it is a good touch. It usually happens with friends and family and there is nothing to be afraid of. Be wise and beware and cherish a harmonious friendship.

Stay Alert Stay Safe and Stay Blessed.

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