How to Make Life Beautiful?

We play many roles in our lives … All at the same time…. At the same moment…. Brother… Mother… Sister… Friend…. We are the one to play all these roles. But in doing so we loose our own identity. And even worse is the fact that despite doing everything… Despite working hard… Despite having no evil in our hearts.. we are never able to convince this world…. We are not even able to convence ourselves about our own performance. We remain dissatisfied. We think I could have been much better. We think I tried my best but the person doesn’t seems to be satisfied.

Why does this happens?

Well it happens because we don’t live the moment.

Give 100% of yourself in every moment. If you are at work then work 100%. If you are play then play 100%. And if you are with yourself stay with yourself 100%.

You know.. things mess down when we try to mix one feeling of ours with that of other. We try to spend time with family but keep hovering about our professional targets and achievements. We speak sugar coated words but hardly measure the depth of those words.

We blame others for not understanding us. But forget that we are not trying to understand them too.

The priceless key to make your life HAPPY, PEACEFUL, SUCCESSFUL AND DIVINE is to live each moment to its 100%. If you are with someone even for a second then be 100% of yourself with that person. Right from body, mind, heart and soul.

Live each moment. Mark each second of your live. Live the moment completely.

How to do it?

Manage your time. Make a to do list every morning. List down the work you have to complete by the end of the day. And allot proper time slots to each work. Believe me this simple task doesn’t take much time.

When you are all sorted for the day. When you exactly know what you have to do in the day. You increase your productivity and peace of mind.

By this exercise you will be able to live.. to give each moment 100% of yourself.

Stay Blessed Stay Happy and Live Every Moment to its Fullest.

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