How to Handle Arguments in a relation?

“I was a fool to choose you”… “Yes, you will say it’s all my mistake”…. “Do you realise what you have done”… “You are so careless”……

Words are the most powerful tool human race has developed. And these words are so powerful that they can make your life heaven and if misused can make your life worse than hell.

So what to do when out of anger either you or your partner has said something that was not supposed to be said.

Well answer is simple say “Sorry”.

But you know things are not always that simple as they look. In childhood saying sorry was quite easy. But as the age of a person increases so increases his/her ego. And EGO stops you from initiating to say a “sorry”.

“It was his mistake why should I say Sorry?”…”It’s always me who says sorry first this time she has to say Sorry first”….”she is so careless he ought to beg me a sorry”….

In a relationship it’s not about who’s fault it was. It’s about how you carry the situation and your relation after the fault has been committed.

I have seen people who resist themselves from saying sorry to their spouse because they think that this will show that the are weak. Asking a sorry will make them submissive.

The thought of dominating your partner results in spoiling of relation. And the worse part is that many times we don’t even realise our intentions to dominate our partner.

EGO prevents you from saying sorry.

Have you ever realised the power of sorry? When you say Sorry to your partner no matter whose fault it was, it makes you more acceptable to your partner.

It’s not about surrendering yourself and loosing to your partner. It’s not a war. All you had was an argument with your partner. How can saying a sorry will make you a looser?

Instead saying sorry can make you the winner of your healthy relationship.

Another important thing that keeps you from saying sorry….

“He is scared of his wife”….”..”it is in our society.. in our culture.. it’s always the woman who has to compromise”…

Please don’t pay attention to such remarks because these either fuel up your ego or hurt your ego. In either case you will resist from saying sorry especially if you are the one who initiate with a “sorry”. When people come to know that it’s always you who say Sorry first they will portray your image as that of a weak person.

If you want to keep your relationship healthy don’t listen to people.

Because it’s not the people who have to carry on the relation with your partner…it’s YOU.

And if you want to have a Happy growing family….a Happy growing relationship learn the art of Saying Sorry.

When you say a Sorry say it with your heart and your partner will understand the vibes of your heart.

Another important tip:-

Say Sorry when your partner is not angry. When your partner is angry best thing to do is to leave the room and quit the argument. Because staying back and answering back will lead to escalating levels of arguments. First small things will turn into big issues then old mistakes will be called upon and in the end all the relatives will enter the argument. Resulting in complete distress and turmoil in the house. Your personal life stress will soon be affecting your professional life. Be mature and handle your relation carefully.

So next time, if you jump into an argument with your partner don’t forget to say a Sorry.

This could be the most important step towards correcting the mistakes, removing misunderstandings and laying a foundation for a healthy relationship.

Stay healthy, stay blessed and keeping loving.

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