Top 5 Things to Learn From Thanos!

Image Courtesy:- Google Thanos is one of the most infamous super villain of the marvel cinematic universe (MCU). There are some character traits that I have noticed we can learn from Thanos. So let's begin 1. Determined Determined to achieve what he desires. Thanos teaches us to be determined and to continue working hard till … Continue reading Top 5 Things to Learn From Thanos!

Head or Heart Who is Correct?

It often happens when your heart might desire something but your Head would choose to something else. which one to follow puts up in a dilemma....To some extent dividing areas of decision making makes things simple. Like Emotional matters like Family and Friends are better to be understood by heart and Money along with other … Continue reading Head or Heart Who is Correct?

What My Friend Has Taught me that Changed My Life….

My friend is a person of intellect and humour.. I admire ... I learn every day a unique quality and a life lesson ... Perfectly portraying complex attributes of Life in simplicity of behaviour.... Never Expecting anything to get in return ... Ever time ready to give the best that is possible .... Well that … Continue reading What My Friend Has Taught me that Changed My Life….

Dream Achieve and Inspire

Our country is in complete lockdown. All educational institutions are closed and all the exams have been suspended. School, University, entrance exams along with various professional courses exam have been suspended.But we all know that once the lock down in the country is raised all activities including exam conduction will soon pick up pace.So instead … Continue reading Dream Achieve and Inspire

You are your most trustworthy friend and most brutal enemy… What you become is your choice

If YOU SEE yourself as weak, unlucky and useless THEN YOU ARE. But if YOU BELIEVE that you are strong, confident and powerful THEN YOU REALLY ARE. Be a nice friend of yours Think optimistic what you think is what you become so always think good about yourself. Talk to yourself so that you can … Continue reading You are your most trustworthy friend and most brutal enemy… What you become is your choice

A Birthday wish to a friend.

The Perfect Birthday Wish…

We The Infomaniacs

Dear best friend,

It seems so weird to write a letter to you because I know you already know what I wish to say. But here I am writing it to you!

There are people who just fill you with positivity when you talk to them and guess what, you’re one of them. You have that quality to find the best even in the worst. It comes to you naturally.

Ever ready to dive into new things and take up tasks, it’s something that I simply admire about you. And your interesting ideas!

You never fail to amaze me!

And now that it’s your birthday, I don’t find any better day to tell you all this…

Keep inspiring!

Yours loving friend


PS: Did I just forget the main part? *Re-reads the letter*

Oh my! The most important thing- Wish you a very Happy Birthday dear friend!

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